Ashraf Muslim Redo Has Not Recovered After Two Weeks Of Quarantine

Although still being treated and quarantined at the Sungai Buloh Hospital after being confirmed positive for Covid-19 on April 12, Ashraf Muslim has not recovered from COVID-19 despite being in the ward for almost two weeks and he hopes to fully recover.

Through a sharing on Instagram, Ashraf said that everything that happened was on God's will and he calmed down still wearing the Sungai Buloh Hospital ward shirt.
Through the Ashraf Partnership, he received various reactions from netizens who gave words of encouragement and prayed that the actor would recover from the epidemic and that everything would be simplified.

Earlier, Ashraf tested positive for COVID-19 after Puetri Aishah and PU Riz. It is understood that Ashraf has just returned from filming a drama series in Scotland with Ben Amir, Puteri Aishah and Hasnul Rahmat at the end of last month.


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