Ayda Jebat 'I'm Ready To Be A Wife'

Despite only holding the engagement ceremony online and other than usual, however, Ayda Jebat said she still felt the same throbbing as what other people felt when engaged.

The event, which was held using the Google Meet application, remained lively. According to Ayda, at first she and Nabil Mahir planned to postpone the engagement but the family wanted the ceremony to be held immediately.

“Since PKP, we have thought of postponing the engagement, but Nabil's family wants this ceremony to take place quickly.

Although I can't make eye contact like other people's ceremonies, but I still feel what other people feel. We are happy to be able to realize the wishes of the family according to custom.

"If it is included, there is no engagement ceremony but for the sake of the family's request, we do not want to disappoint them," he told Harian Metro.

Ayda said both sides of the family want them to get married immediately. He said that their wedding date has already been set, however Ayda said she has not been able to share further details and will be informed later.

"If possible, they want us to get married as soon as possible, they don't want to wait any longer. So, in honor of the family’s request, Nabil and I came up with the idea of ​​organizing an engagement party online.

“The date has been set but I still have not been able to share. Don't worry, we will announce later, "he said.

In the meantime, Ayda said she was determined to end her bachelorhood with Nabil. In fact, she is also ready to be a wife and it is time for her to get married.

"Indeed, I expect our relationship to reach this stage. I’m ready to be a wife and don’t want to waste time. I am also 28 years old, not too young and not too old to get married, ”he said.

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