Nearly 2 million views of Syatilla & Sam ‘tour’ the house, thought the ripples were funny!

Pasangan popular, Shaheizy Sam dan Syatilla Melvin juga merupakan antara selebriti yang turut mempunyai laman YouTube mereka yang diberi nama, SamTilla TV.

Ternyata, mereka juga memiliki ramai subscriber dimana kini telah mencecah 262 ribu yang rata-ratanya akui seronok melihat gelagat keluarga selebriti ini. Apatah lagi, sikap sempoi Syatilla Melvin mahupun Shaheizy Sam yang cukup sempoi membuatkan warganet bertambah menyukai mereka.

Recently, sharing a video on Syatilla Melvin's Instagram page where she and Shaheizy Sam kept their promise to bring fans on their home tour stole the spotlight.

Although not yet ready, the couple kept their promise and shared the condition and parts of the house they decorated themselves.

“Even though it is not fully ready, the promise is still a promise !!! Want to wait for it to be ready, it might be too late, so we'll show you what's ok?… ”He said, adding that the full video can be viewed through their YouTube site.
However, what is more appealing to the fans and followers of this couple is when on average they praise their calm and sporting attitude.

Where not, just look at the behavior of this couple who are also interspersed with their spontaneous jokes that make many amused and at the same time, netizens praise the attitude of Sam who is said to be a person who is not arrogant. 


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