Nakal Si Cucu Sakat Nenek Melatah Tak Berhenti Gara-Gara Mercun

Celebrating Aidilfitri seems incomplete without playing firecrackers or fireworks. The Malay tradition which is quite synonymous with Hari Raya is also associated with the night of 7 liquor. The night of 7 liquor is the last 7 nights of Ramadan where the courtyard is usually decorated with quite lively lamps.

Even though this year's festival is in a moderate atmosphere due to Covid-19 which is still contagious, but the festival is still a festival! Certainly many are looking for their own initiative to enliven the festive atmosphere in their homes.

Recently, it spread on social media with a video that showed a grandmother barking non-stop due to the sound of firecrackers. Through the video, a man was seen playing with firecrackers and another woman who was quite old. It sounded like the woman was barking incessantly.

Here is a video shared by Twitter account owner Darwish:

It's not her grandmother's merry play. Don't stop! But don't worry, this grandmother is fine. In fact, according to the owner of this video, he did not intend to make his grandmother gossip.

The video shared has garnered more than 167 thousand views and 8,400 retweets as well as 15,600 likes.

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